Reviews - Audiobooks

Ever Alice
H. J. Ramsay
Narrator: Caroline Holms

At fifteen-years-old, Alice finds herself in an asylum because no one will believe her when she talks of her adventures in Wonderland. Desperate to leave, she agrees to an experimental procedure that the doctors think will cure her of her “delusions”. At the last minute, she gets cold feet and flees the asylum with the help of the White Rabbit.

The Enigma Threat
Charles V. Breakfield and Rox Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

The latest installment in this series is relevant to the current turmoil surrounding deepfake videos and cyberterrorism. The R-Group’s supercomputer, ICABOD, is destroyed at the start of this audiobook by the CESPOOL organization, because privately-owned supercomputers are illegal.

Seeking Rachel (Seeking #4)
Josie Riviera
Narrator: Tessa Petersen

Rachel Lockhart grew up on her father’s estate with free and nomadic Gypsy children, and with them she got the taste of a life she’s not destined for. Over the years, she’s indulged herself in the fantasy of a perfect man with grey eyes. Nash is that man. Many battles on the sea have left him broken, and his life has been filled with terrible loss.

Holly Jennings and Lachlan McKenney are both dragon shifters, and they fell in love with each other ten years ago, but Lachlan’s responsibilities and his plans for his future don’t allow room for love. Consequently, he breaks Holly’s heart and leaves her alone, even though they are fated mates. In the ensuing years, they have tried to get over one another, but neither succeeds.

The Golden Princess (Chronicles of Fu Xi)
Brian L. Braden
Narrator: Philip Battley

This story takes place in the city of Hur-ar, nicknamed the City of Gold, located near the Caucus Mountains. As the tale begins, Sarah is a Princess in the House of Azubehl. She is the daughter of High Princess Meribeph and Prince Azubehl, and her brother is Prince Ezra, second in line to the throne.