Irish Rogue (McCullough Mountain Book 3)

Lydia Michaels
Narrator: David Allen Vargo

CONTEMPORARY: Kelly McCullough is a player and doesn’t try to hide it. He’s always had every woman he’s ever wanted. When one of his friends gets the chance to date the town virgin, Ashlynn Fisher, a spike of jealousy makes him take on a new kind of challenge: dating the good girl. Ashlynn can’t seem to get Kelly out of her head no matter how hard she tries—and she does try! When her walls finally come down and she lets him in, she just hopes she can hold onto the virtues she holds dear.

Steamy and full of heartwarming chemistry, “Irish Rogue” shows that bad boys can indeed be tamed! Ms. Michaels has crafted a series surrounding a family where each member is distinct and shines bright when the spotlight hits them. That is especially the case with Kelly, the main hero of our story. While his backstory and motivations have a few Alpha Male clichés, his personality is engaging. The true star of the book is Ashlynn. She sticks to her guns, has flaws, yet grows throughout the novel. Readers will cheer on their journey through love. However, there are a few moments where the plot drags from extra details. Readers will either greatly appreciate this or want to skip ahead. As a series installment, it stands alone well, and readers/listeners will not need to read the other books to enjoy this one.

Mr. Vargo gives a great performance. His characterizations of all the cast are distinct and easy to tell apart, making the book come alive. There are some awesome accents present as well, and the female characters especially stand out as being well done. Every so often there are random sound effects mixed into the production. Some of them work in favor of creating an atmosphere, while others are distracting. Overall, it’s a great production!

This is a great listen for lovers of spicy romance and small town drama!

Chelsea Andersen