Highlander's Heart, Book 3 (Called by a Highlander)

Mariah Stone
Narrators: Shane East & Emma Wilder

HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL: Most of this audiobook occurs in Scotland in 1308. Ian Cambel was sold as a slave years earlier and has spent the past decade in the Middle East, fighting and killing others to survive. When someone attacks the palace where he is held and kills most of the palace guard, Ian escapes, promising to never kill again. He makes it home just before his father dies. Kate Anderson is a present-day chef, and her sister enters her into a competition which she wins. Thus, a celebrity chef takes an interest in her restaurant, so she goes to Scotland. While there, the entitled celebrity nearly attacks her, but she rebuffs him and falls into a cellar, where she touches a magical boulder and awakens near Ian in 1308. She has amnesia and Ian helps her to survive until she remembers her past.

The author does an excellent job of delineating the internal and external conflicts of these protagonists. It is very evident that it will take something major to force Ian to want to pick up a sword again after his life as a fighting slave. It is also very clear that Kate is extremely torn between staying in 1308 and returning to her family in 2020. Somehow, Mariah Stone makes it all work out beautifully. Throughout the story, the dialogue comes across as authentic to the period of Scotland around 1308.

These narrators do a fantastic job of bringing this story to life! The accents and the diverse variety of voices employed by both Shane East and Emma Wilder to deliver this story are a delight for the ears. The quality is top-notch and everything about the completed recording is professional. This audiobook is lots of fun to hear!

Carey Sullivan