Recent Interviews

Marie Force comes by her name honestly.  She is truly a force to admire and emulate but also one that can be rather intimidating!  She is fiercely protective of her work, and how it is received, of her fans and of her family and friends - so much so that this interview almost didn’t happen.  Having worked in the publishing world long enough to know that things said don’t always appear the same

Bella André is the type of person everyone would want to have as a friend.  She is the type that lights up the minute she sees you, waves frantically and runs over for a hug and a catch-up.  She is the kind you could party with, cry with and tell your deepest secrets to.  She is bubbly and intelligent, speaks with a slight upper-class California drawl and always makes you feel warm and comforta

The first time I met Courtney Milan was at a conference a few years ago  when she was still an up and coming author and I an almost unknown, but up and coming Editor.  As I strolled by her table, she stopped me, saying, “Excuse me, aren’t you TJ Mackay?”  My mouth immediately hit the floor!  Someone actually took the time to discover who I was?!?” That one statement of recognition and kindness

The Enchanting H.P.

One would be hard-pressed to follow Indie publishing and not know the name of HP Mallory.  Her quirky, light-hearted but fun paranormal romances seem to have a permanent home at the top of the charts.  And, with her newest release, “Something Witchy, This Way Comes,”  occupying a spot in the top 10 on the New York Times Bestsellers list right out of the shoot,  it doesn’t look to change soon!

A collaboration of Romance
Vanessa & Randy

Most people recognize the name, Vanessa Kelly in relation to rich historical romances, the type that readers can’t put down and also make a writer famous.  So, when someone mentioned that Vanessa was half of a writing team called VK Sykes, authors of hot contemporary romance, we had to check it out!