RWA Pres. Elect - Profession and Passion

Sylvia Day

Sylvia speaks on Indie Publishing and RWA, her goals, frustrations and passion...

IND: Congratulations, to the new Pres. Elect of the National RWA!!  What possessed you?!?!?
:  Well, I have been working on the board, and there are so many things that I have started that I want to see carried through.
IND: What are some of those things?
The two most important things for me were: Incorporating independently published authors who are making a living with their writing into the system here at RWA, to make sure they get recognition as an author - that we changed our way of classifying members based on the question, “are you making money writing romance fiction”, and not where they’re published or who they’re published with or what format they’re published in. If you are making money, then you are successful and meeting the mission statement of the organization, which is to advance the career interests of romance writers.

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