Courtney Milan: Up Close, In Depth... Personal

The first time I met Courtney Milan was at a conference a few years ago  when she was still an up and coming author and I an almost unknown, but up and coming Editor.  As I strolled by her table, she stopped me, saying, “Excuse me, aren’t you TJ Mackay?”  My mouth immediately hit the floor!  Someone actually took the time to discover who I was?!?” That one statement of recognition and kindness will forever be burned in my memory. I knew then and there she would be someone I would never forget.  Seems I’m not the only one who feels that way!  With her amazing talent and gift for writing, she is quickly achieving greatness one exquisite book at a time!
Having a conversation with Courtney can be intimidating at first, however.  She is fast as lightning, with a genius brain and scary intelligence.  It takes only a minute, though, to discover she is also humorously self-depreciating and genuinely warm and kind.  It is obvious she appreciates every single wonderful thing that has happened to her.  Recently we sat down to catch up and ended up gabbing about everything from women’s rights to cover design!

Read the entire interview in the Dec./Jan. issue of InD'Tale magazine.

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