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Davina of Crailing is only a girl when she loses everything — home, family, friends — in the never-ending wars between the highlanders and those who would rule them. As an orphan and an heiress, she finds herself the ward of the king. An enviable position…unless you happen to be in love with a bastard highlander who also has claim to the throne.

Sawyer Barrett is the son of the god Odin but raised as a hunter of monsters. When he kills a wolf-shifter child of the Storm Pack while in a berserker rage, he pledges to repay those he has wronged even with his own life. Yet, enemies stalk the pack and hunters on all sides.

FANTASY:  Princess Mina Everheart, daughter of the One True King, has been given a mission: go to the island of Osaze, marry the pharaoh, introduce the people to the King and help them move past their focus on outward appearances. Unfortunately, the pharaoh has no interest in a princess on fire with change and questioning his divinity as the son of the sun god Aten.

Fighting Fate

PARANORMAL:  Liam Whelan knows he must do anything it takes to protect Laxshmi “Lucky” Kapadia, even if it means stopping the joining and breaking her heart. Unfortunately, Lucky’s empathic abilities are waking and attracting attention from several directions. As Minister Gagliardi schemes to take Lucky away, Liam will have to decide who to trust and what to reveal to protect his “one”.

Lady Margery Ormond has never felt like a lady in her stepfather’s home at Highfield, near London. Tending to an ailing mother and dodging her lecherous stepbrother, Margery is simply trying to survive.