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Broken Wide Open
Susan Griscom,
Charley Ongel, Tor Thom

CONTEMPORARY:  When Grace Davidson walks in on her new husband and her best friend doing the dirty at her wedding, she ditches them both and goes on her exotic “un-honeymoon” alone.  As she’s soaking up the sun at a glamorous resort, she meets Leo, a gorgeous and friendly stranger.  Sparks begin to fly and Grace wonders if Leo is exactly what she needs to repair her broken heart — or is it fore

The Soldier’s Secret
Heather Osborne
Kristyl Dawn Tift

HISTORICAL:  When Emma Mansfield finds herself chafing under the expectation that she take up the role of housewife and mother, she finds escape in the danger and intrigue of the American Civil War.  When her brot

TIME TRAVEL:  Sara Barrett cannot forget the 16th-century Scot who strode into her life and stole her heart. Pursuing him back to his time will mean leaving her brother, her home, and her own life behind — but all that is nothing compared to convincing Edna Campbell to send her back.

GASLAMP FANTASY:  In 1882 Scotland, the Fey are in hiding or on the run from the Queen’s sniffers, sent to hunt them down. Technology is advancing, and men of science and industry are in control. When Sir Walter Conrad discovers a new fey energy source, the race for ownership begins.


INSPIRATIONAL:  Rayne Martin was raised in the Bible belt and went to church as everyone expected her to. However, it isn’t until she chooses a random college far from home that she truly decides whether to believe or not. Unbeknownst to Rayne, the college she chose is in a town full of demons, satanic worshipers, and witches of all kinds.