Recent Reviews

Kilty Secrets

To squash a long-standing feud with the MacCarrons, Ewan MacKinloch is offered up by his father to wed the rival clan’s lovely lass, Shona MacCarron. Ewan is sent on his way to the MacCarron’s, accompanied by only a few of his trusty men. Fighting tooth and nail to avoid this unwanted marriage, Ewan and Shonna each devise a cockamamie plan to trade places.

FANTASY:  Andy Peloquin explores the experiences of people with psychological, mental and emotional disorders through the lens of dark fantasy — how they live, and how they are impacted by their disabilities.

REGENCY:  Maribelle Petersham, Duchess of Stonegreave, has lived quietly since the deaths of her  fiancé and father.

Holiday Fling

Monica McHenry is suffering — but it is not just physical pain. Living through the car accident was one thing: a little girl died, Monica was scarred forever, lost her professional baseball career and her fiancé, but the emotional hurt is worse.

DIESELPUNK:  Dottie had a rough upbringing but now, at twenty-three, things are beginning to look up. She left her small town years ago and is now successfully pursuing her singing career. Not to mention that she has found her soul mate in her fiancé, Johny. He’s everything she could ever want. At least, she thinks he is…