The Dream Diaries (Evelyn Hernandez 2)

Young Adult

MAGICAL REALISM:  Evelyn Hernandez couldn’t be happier. Her bullies have been brought to justice, she has an adoring boyfriend, and she’s returned to drawing in her journal… But then the nightmares begin. She soon believes her nightmares are messages from the future, dire warnings that something terrible will happen at her school soon. Can she stop it? And what price will she have to pay to stop this from happening? 

“The Dream Diaries” is the second book in a series, which makes it difficult for a reader new to the series to follow along. It’s not required to read book one before enjoying this one, but strongly recommended, since readers who start with book two will feel like they’re lacking a lot of background information on the characters and what happened prior to the start of this book.  After a while, once the story starts to stand on its own without references to past events, it does get easier to follow. 

The characters feel very realistic and appropriate for their age—they don’t act more mature or more childish than regular teens. The mystery unravels slowly with a big climax toward the end, and combined with the fast-paced writing, it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat for the entire read. Well done!

Majanka Verstraete