Sins of the Father (McIntire County)


Deputy Jolie Murdoch wasn't expecting her first big case to turn into a murder. A local girl is missing - but while looking for her they discover her father's body.  When local bartender Xavier Hartmann becomes her prime suspect, Jolie isn't sure what to think. Xavier came back to Eider to confront his past. He is dealing with a brain injury and has no memory of what happened or how he ended up at the crime scene. As they work together, Xavier can't stop the passion he feels for Deputy Jolie. Jolie gets to know the former Marine and realizes all is not as it seems. Can they figure out what's going on, and will Jolie give Xavier a chance?


Here's a well-written mystery with romance thrown in - what more could a reader want? For starters, how about a searingly hot male hero fighting his inner demons and a sassy heroine who can hold her own! Winter Austin has done just that with this book in the McIntire County Series. From the first page, the hook is embedded deep and it doesn't let go until the end. If this is a reader's first read from Winter Austin, it certainly will not be their last as this book will leave them wanting more. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick