Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

When Noah Hunter first arrives in town, everything about him appeals to Maya Greene – besides the fact he’s a shifter. Maya has despised shifters ever since she was attacked by one of them years ago, and has a hard time trusting Noah because of this. 

The Wind from the North
Barbara Gaskell

Skarga’s life has been a brutal one.

A White Horizon
Barbara Gaskell

In all of Skarga’s 19 years, she has never known love - only hate, derision and cruelty.

HISTORICAL: Fae princess Melusine has carried a curse for centuries that she must break. In a world where anything magical is brutally destroyed, it seems an almost impossible task until she finds Raymond, the young knight she has loved in other lives but who has no memory of her at all.  Melusine must win his love once again and build a dynasty without divulging her fatal secret.


HISTORICAL:  The afterlife will never be the same after Clayton Wilder enters Windfall, a Purgatory-type town that determines if you go to Heaven or Hell.