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SCI-FI:  Through ruthless plotting, planning and much ambition, the powerful Lucius Mercio has finally elevated his cartel, the Serengeti Group, to the third wealthiest and most influential in the twelve systems.  None of it could have been accomplished, however, without Lillian.

MYSTERY:  Cerissa yearns to feel Henry's fangs in her neck so they can become blood mates. It would mean they couldn’t be kept apart which is a strong possibility. With Henry healing from an assassination attempt, the assassin in a coma, Cerissa must work out why someone wants Henry dead. Being together is against ancient vampire code and even her own people are not happy about the march.

Ballet dancer Sarah Cooper is on the run from an insane stalker. She has had to leave everything she holds dear to her heart: her career, her apartment, and her family. Love is the last thing on her mind as she hides from her stalker, posing as a ranch hand at a horse ranch. Former Navy SEAL Bruce Murphy is a rough, standoffish and silent type of man.

From the moment fourteen-year-old Nick sets his eyes on Jessica Schultz, the new girl at school, he knows that she is the girl he will marry. Their easy friendship quickly develops into a high school romance even though her father fights it from the beginning. Nick’s family has ties to the mob and, living in Bensonhurst, New York, that is the last thing Mr. Schultz wants near his daughter.

Trudy Selucas is a hospice nurse who has seen too many people die. She takes a vacation to Texas in order to try to unwind and pursue her photography hobby. She finds herself in a most awkward situation while on the hunt for perfect nature photographs: her pants around her ankles and a rattlesnake ready to strike her bare bottom.