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The Last Girl

Dexter Vega is running low on cash, and even lower on job prospects. Recently let go from his job as a journalist, he spends his time drinking at the local dive bar. After he saves fellow patron Nick Zavala from a drunken brawl, Nick asks for his help locating his missing daughter Maya. Not in any position to turn down a paying gig, Dexter accepts Nick's offer.

Flying towards the Arctic Circle to record the largest solar event known to man, Donovan Nash and fellow Eco watch members are stunned by a near-collision with a 737. As the plane crashes into a frozen lake, they watch awestruck as a woman makes her way out of the wreckage.

When A-list actor Kirk Ford wakes up with a dead girl in his bed, Jake Longly and his girlfriend Nicole are hired to look into what appears to be a pretty straightforward case. As much as Nicole wants to believe that her old friend Kirk is as innocent as he claims, the fact remains that two people were in a locked hotel room, and Kristi Guidry wound up dead.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Cassie Dunhill has had her life planned out since she was young. She and her two best friends, Paige and Marissa, make a pact on the beach that their next date will be the man they marry. Cassie has been avoiding Parker Hamilton for six months, but in her heart he’s THE ONE, and she finally accepts his invitation to an evening out.

MAGICAL REALISM:  Eighteen-year-old Evelyn believes she has found the love of her life in Guy McCallister, a dreamboat with chiseled features and a goatee. Her family disagrees, however, and to please them she apprehensively agrees to go on a date with a “perfect match.” Rex Somersy is the epitome of a gentleman —the complete opposite of Guy — yet Evelyn finds herself falling for him.