Betting on Kincade


WESTERN:  Dalton Kincade can't believe it.  He is barely home from the rodeo circuit and finds his old flame’s stepfather gambling away the ranch, stables, and house. He decides to take a chance on it and wins. It is a bittersweet win, because Cassie’s grandfather always said you could never trust a Kincade. Dalton wants to rekindle the flames of his and Cassie’s love, so when she decides to start taking in boarders, he is the first in line. He keeps it a secret that he is the new owner of the ranch because he knows it will further estrange Cassie from him. Cassie is afraid to put her heart out there because she is afraid Dalton will go back to the rodeo circuit and leave her behind a second time. Dalton is ready to settle down but he needs to convince Cassie of his intentions.

This is a delightful story that is fast paced and can be quickly read. The characters are fun, some are quirky, but even the most secondary character has depth to them. Cassie and Dalton both have strong personalities that clash although they have the same endpoint in mind. At times, Cassie over-reacts to little things, such as when she throws out the feed when the horse has colic. Mr. Perkins is first portrayed as a suspicious character, when he is really just a fussy guy who likes quiet. This is a realistic story that is easy to get through and it is even easier to fall in love with the characters.

Belinda Wilson