The Joys of Giving Birth


After nine long months, it’s time. The calendars have been marked, circled, and crossed out. Dates have been moved forward and then back. You have reminded yourself so often that all good things take time, even while feeling like it’s taking forever and you need more coffee.
You’ve struggled with the moods: binge eating, worrying that it’s too much, then convinced it’s nowhere near enough. It’s even worse than looking into a mirror and twisting around for half an hour trying to decide if those jeans make your rear end look better or worse.

All your insecurities are about to be bared for everyone to see, which is a terrifying thought, but the fear diminishes as you finally realize that you couldn’t care less what others think…because this is your baby.
Are you ready for the changes? You have natural reservations about that, of course, which are heightened by all the advice you get on things like names, looks, and the thousands of other things that could go right or wrong. “Is it going to be a big one?” “Is it going to be like you?” “Quit eating all those donuts and pound cake, or you’ll never lose that baby fat!”
You’ll hear all these horror stories, and more, from many others who have been through this experience a single time or many times over.

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