The Dreaded "F" Word


There are a millions of words in any language. Most are a derivative of something else. We still come up with new words that, if playing Scrabble, you have to look up in the dictionary because it’s slang.
The romantic nicknames we have for people are pretty encompassing. Even when calling your sweetheart, you say things like baby, boo, pookie, love bug, cutie-cakes, darling, GF, main squeeze, hunny, babezilla…and that’s just a few of them. The list could go on forever! Same goes for the male counterpart.
Comedian George Carlin was famous for roasting the seven words you can’t say on television. I can’t repeat them here because our editors would have a coronary. I have to keep things a little lighter, to not offend people...and, obviously if even TV won’t let you say them, well, ‘nough said.
This brings me to the subject of this article. The “F” word.
You’ve all heard it. Maybe said it. Used it in a sentence. Some people live for it. That’s right...filler.

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