Cookie Monster: The Art of Snacking While Reading


You feel ready. This night has been on your mind for quite a while. The typical fears, nervousness, and problematic stomach issues are going full force. In a way it's like the first time again. New things tend to make you uneasy. You've never spent the night with this type before. It's not like you haven't spent numerous nights, doing the deed. You're human after all. So, you get out of those pesky clothes and slip into something more comfortable.The hair gets let down, you kick off the heels, unfasten certain items, and open the drawer to your nightgowns and lingerie. Pushing those aside you grab your favorite pair of flannel, flowered pajamas. Then find that old t-shirt that looks like it's been through World War Z and the Sasquatch feet slippers that are worn out but keep your feet warm. And at last, the final touch. The furry, blue bathrobe to wear as your royal gown. You scratch the places you can't in public and breathe a sigh of relief while wiggling your toes that are freed
from the confines of those narrow leather shoes.There on the coffee table is your date. A new novel that's been burning up the Best Seller list and has been begging to be read by you. For once, you can use something else as a cheap date. A personal mental vacation from your worries and stresses.

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I do it all the time. Just the moment I get to the book, I take chips or chocolate bars and eat all of them! The only exception is when I write college essays for sale and need to complete a paper in 1 hour or 2.

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