2018 RONE Awards Week Three

  • Sci-Fi/Time Travel (3 finalists)
  • Young Adult (4 finalists)
  • Audiobooks (4 finalists)

Voting Period: April 30 - May 6, 2018.

Time Travel/Sci-Fi 

The Medievalist - Anne-Marie Lacy
Mixed In - Catherine Haustein
The Accidental Stranger - CJ Fosdick
Another Time - Donna Steele
Rescuing Prince Charming - Edward Hoornaert
Fortuna: The Apprentice Volume 4 - EG Manetti
The Korpes File - J. I. Rogers
Outshine - Nichole Van
The Mercenary - Petra Landon
The Remnant - William Michael Davidson

Young Adult

Thistle Inferno - Aaron Michael Ritchey
Dealing with the Devil - Jennifer Siddoway
Dating the It Guy - Krysten Lindsay Hager
Our Sweet Guillotine - Mary Gray
The Dragon Orb - Mike Shelton
Endless Change - PD Workman
Soulmated - Shaila Patel
Oath Breaker - Shelley Wilson
The Coffin: Scarry Inn - Shirley McCann
Prophecy Awakened - Tamar Sloan
Hex Breaker - Taryn Noelle Kloeden
Cursed: Shadow Souls - Tracy Goodwin


The Chemist - Alan J. Field/Eric G. Dove
Circled - Anne McAneny/Laura Jennings
Dante's Gift - Aubrey Wynne/Tom Jordan
The Enigma Factor - Breakfield & Burkey/Steven Jay Cohen
Shrouds of Darkness - Brock E. Deskins/Steven Jay Cohen
Rogue's Call - C.A. Szarek/Ruth Uqurhart
The Reach Between Worlds: The Arclight Saga - C.M. Hayden/John Pirhalla
Through His Eyes - Deborah Camp/Matt Haynes
Live For This - Kathryn R. Biel/Lori Prince
Murder by Manicure - Nancy J. Cohen, Mary Ann Jacobs
Highlander Unbroken - Vonda Sinclair/Dave Gillies
The Warm Up - Xio Axelrod/Greg Tremblay, Megan Tusing