2018 RONE Awards Week Five

  • Historical:  17th Century - Regency (7 finalists)
    Contemporary: Sweet (3 finalists)

Voting Period: May 16 - 22, 2018.

Contemporary: Sweet

Little Gray Dress - Aimee Brown
Crazy in Love - Annabelle Costa
Southerland's Dilemma - Bonnie Gardner
Little Teashop of Horrors - Jane Lovering
Snow and the Seven Teenagers - Julia Keanini
Looking for Juliet - Nell Dixon
A Different Kind of Lovely - Petra March
The Year I Dated the Internet - Stacy Lynn Carroll
Lying for a Living - Steve McCondichie

Historical: 17th Century - Regency 

The Viscount's Seduction - Alina K. Field
Pride & Penitence - Angeline Fortin
Kilty Secrets - Anna Markland
Lies and Letters - Ashtyn Newbold
The Reluctant Wife - Caroline Warfield
Where Have All the Scoundrels Gone? - Donna Cummings
Love Beyond Measure - Elizabeth Boyce
The Trouble with Love - Heather Boyd
Captain's Lady - Jamaila Brinkley
The Laird's Reckoning - Jennifer Bray-Weber
An Heiress in Disguise - Jennifer Wenn
An Unsuitable Duchess - Kathleen Buckley
Satyr's Son - Lucinda Brant
The Demon Duke - Margaret Locke
The Wicked Lady - Mary Lancaster
The Devil of Dunmoor - Meggan Connors
Scandal's Child - Pamela Gibson
The Firstborn - Quenby Olson
Echo in the Wind - Regan Walker
When a Rogue Loves a Woman - Samantha Holt
The Thief's Daughter - Victoria Cornwall