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Cursed to hunt other Rakshasa, Gavin Rowan must now protect the humans who used to be his prey. While patrolling the downtown streets of Detroit, Gavin comes across Sydney Amataya.


PARANORMAL:  Shy, studious Sophia lives in a tiny town in Montana.

Second Chance Ranch

Kelly Armstrong is newly divorced and has moved back to her hometown of Three Rivers in the Texas panhandle with her four-year-old son.

SCI-FI:  Catteroon “Catt” Sayer has piloted her airship, Escapee, for over ten years, together with an android named Lancelot.

Sylvia has lived a sheltered life with her father, who works with monks in ninth-century York, Northumbria. The innocent scholar loses everything, including her beloved father, when the Danish invade.