Charmed By a Ruby: A Jewel Box Anthology

Catherine Kean, Caro Carson,
T. Elliott Brown, Wynter Daniels

CONTEMPORARY/PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  An anthology centering on a mythical ruby supposedly owned by Merlin, the ruby ties the stories together. “One Knight in the Forest” is a medieval tale in which Magdalen finds a suspicious letter ordering a murder. She flees into the arms of the local sheriff Cyn, with whom she might just be able to trust her heart and the letter. In “His Lover from Long Ago” Kayna of Tintagel is entrusted the ruby by Queen Guinevere to deliver to King Arthur on his deathbed. Arriving too late, she time travels to 1742 and rescued by a pirate who could be her own true love if he is willing to give up his ambitions. In “A Love Most Precious” Chance Campbell returns from WWI with more scars than can be seen; fortunately the woman who holds his heart is blind. With race horses and Alexis’ freedom on the line, will their love and a magical ruby be enough? Finally, in “Chasing the Stag”, Mia Richards is barely making ends meet, but when she has a psychic spell and helps a widow, she receives a ruby as payment which is promptly stolen. The widow’s son Brent has recently lost everything to his ex, and is now determined to prevent Mia from stealing from his mother. Together they hunt for the necklace and might just find love in the process.


An anthology containing stories from many periods and settings, all connected by a ruby necklace with two entwined stags: while none of the stories are particularly complex or deep, there is plenty of variety, attraction, and steam for every reader. With a smooth pace to each tale and enough conflict to keep the reader interested, fans of anthologies will undoubtedly find at least one if not more winners in this collection.


Sarah E. Bradley