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The year is 1914, and German troops are spreading across Europe like invading ants.  Belgian citizen Madeline Thevenet is forced to leave the hospital where she was training to become a nurse when the Germans arrive.  When she reaches home, her father makes Maddy promise she will become a nun because he believes this w

Twenty-three year old Alana Tavonesi is having the time of her life in Paris.  She’s enjoying the art, the clubs, and, most of all, the lack of responsibilities.  All of that changes when her Nana dies and leaves Alana in charge of the family business - the Tavonesi Olive Ranch in California.  What was Nana thinking?  Alana does not feel capable of taking responsibility for the running of the r

PARANORMAL:  Social outcast Maura DeLuca only has a few weeks left until the end of her junior year, when she and her mother will be moving from Pennsylvania to Vancouver.  A loner most of her life, Maura doesn’t think she’ll have many reasons to miss home until the day she accidentally spills her milk on a cute senior


GOTHIC HORROR:  Gwynneth Reese discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she packed up her things, moved to San Francisco and became roommates with her best friend, Seth. Ignoring her painting and Art History degree she starts work at a retirement home and realizes she loves it. She’s upset when one particular resident passes away alone on a stormy night.

PARANORMAL:  “Star Catcher” is a story about finding true love and fighting to keep it. The main characters – Kellen and Cali – have to overcome insurmountable odds in order to claim their birthrights and live happily ever after. Set in two universes, this fast-paced tale takes you through battles, the discovery of a prophecy, and journeys of self-discovery.