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Being a woman in 1814 was hard enough, but being a young female captain of a pirate ship was even harder. At just twenty years of age, Esmeralda must prove herself time and time again in order to keep her position - and her ship. When she finds Javier, a stowaway, in her chambers, she is shocked to find that he is from a rival ship.

Cassie McCoy can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble.

Cora Mackenzie has been labeled everything from unbridled to a spitfire for her strong will and refusal to follow tradition and expectations. As the sister to the laird of her clan, it means she must secure an alliance between her family and another clan - through marriage. Unfortunately, Cora’s betrothed has yet to even write to her, and she is already twenty-two years old.

Blood and Silver

In 1880, Carissa Beaumont and her mother travel to Tombstone, Arizona, along with her mother’s boss, Miss Lucille. Miss Lucille has a violent streak and several people in her employ or acquaintance have been brutally murdered. At twelve years old, Carissa has made herself useful for Miss Lucille’s “ladies” at the brothel by doing various chores.

The Vines

The Gettler family has a secret. For generations their family has been involved in medical research on New York’s North Brother Island, dating back to its original use as a contagion hospital in the early 1900s. Cora, a woman with a miraculous immune system, becomes tangled in the web of the Gettler men, as their goals shift from idealistic to cruel.