Red Cicada


All Lana Baker knew was what she was told by her father… NO x-rays, EVER. That is until Lana finds herself in the hospital after passing out at work. Lana’s life and all she knows comes into question when tests show there is something embedded in Lana's skull - a small disc with Cyrillic letters that translates to “red cicada”. And Lana knew nothing about it. When an alarm goes off on Lieutenant Lance Kipling’s computer from an old case he was researching, Lance knows there are answers waiting for him, though what he finds is Lana. Lance comes to Lana’s rescue, after being taken by Russian spies causing them to embark on a wild adventure. While trying to stay alive, keep a step ahead of the Russians, and learn who Lana really is, can Lana and Lance figure out the clues to the disc, and to their hearts, before it’s too late?

Readers will jump into action from the very first page of this book! Gregg Luke has written a story that will bring the reader along for an edge of your seat suspense-filled ride! Mr. Luke has written a saga that will have the readers feel like they are watching a suspense movie, constantly holding their breath and wanting to know what will happen around the next corner. The author brings the characters and the story to life with vivid imagery and the masterful way he wields words on the page.  The reader will feel a rollercoaster of emotions until the end of the novel, clutching their chest as hearts skip beats in anticipation until the end! Completely addicting and unputdownable!

Heather Kroll