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Hank has been married twice, divorced twice, and had another woman he’d wanted to marry, for a third attempt.

WESTERN:  An intertwined family saga of the Wyllie family, set just over a decade after the end of the American Revolution, this is the fifth book, whose plot revolves mostly around Sam and his wife Cathe

Wounded Hearts

Sarah’s friends and family are worried about her. Two years earlier her fiancé, Logan, and his Marines were attacked, the bodies of the missing presumed dead.

Niall Doherty is a displaced Irish gentleman, forced to making a living as a tutor to English nobility on their Irish estate. His father lost everything in one card game while he was at Cambridge.

Cherie has decided enough is enough. She has seen her friends find their mates and now she wants some love. She loved once, but time has moved forward and so must she.