Any Way You Fight It: An Upper Crust Novel (Upper Crust Series Book 3)


Cherie has decided enough is enough. She has seen her friends find their mates and now she wants some love. She loved once, but time has moved forward and so must she. The fates have other ideas, as do Nona’s visions. Luke comes back into her life just when she’s decided it’s time to move on and he wants Cherie back. Luke has come back to the woman he loves. He has a history now and it could jeopardize what he wants with Cherie. Can they get everything together so they have a future? Or will they be parted forever due to his past?


Monique McDonell has certainly been around a good Catholic family - she knows their banter and what happens within. The dialogue in “Any Way You Fight It” is fantastic, both between the two main characters and the family. The chemistry between Cherie and Luke is electric and keeps the pages turning. Nona is an absolutely lovable character who will have readers laughing out loud. This book is fantastic and will have readers who haven’t read the other books determined to go back and read the others. This series seems very promising with lovable and great characters set around a family who stick together. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick