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Ambrose is the Marquess of Northampton but is struggling to rejoin society after the war. He was a spy and experienced a lot of trauma. Since his return, he has developed the air of mystery. His best friend encourages him to forget his past love and the war and sleep with someone. Lady Mary Clarke is a widow and her husband went to war before they consummated their marriage.

After the execution of his grandfather, chemist Graham Lennox becomes North American Natura President. Inheriting not only power over his people but their ongoing conflicts, he finds moments of peace in the presence of his lab assistant, the woman he has secretly fallen in love with.

Ashby Harcourt - Lord Ashenhurst, rogue, The Black Unicorn.

After just finding the perfect wedding dress, classical pianist Emma's happiness comes crashing down with a phone call. Believing he's doing the right thing by letting Emma go with no real explanation, Tony leaves not only Emma, but his close-knit Napa Valley family. They all believe he’s decided to live a playboy’s fun life on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

HISTORICAL: Lady Colleen O'Shea and her two younger sisters have become accustomed to the independence their brother Fergus allows them, and they are determined not to lose it by falling into the marriage traps he sets for them.