Third Man on the Left


ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Nurse Dani Roberts leaves her position after the tragic death of a toddler in the E.R. In an effort to reclaim her life, she signs up for a humanitarian mission to Tanzania. Prior to Dani’s leaving for Tanzania, she meets Noah Parker and they become close, with Noah promising to wait for her return, despite his misgivings about the flirtatious doctor accompanying her on the mission. Their humanitarian trip takes a turn toward danger, and Dani must rely on her wits and skills to get herself and her coworkers to safety.

“Third Man on the Left” is an extremely entertaining romantic suspense that deals with a number of issues of personal growth and the effects of PTSD on a person’s feelings of self-worth. The characters of Dani and Noah are both well rounded. Carter is the perfect stereotype of an egotistical doctor. Dani’s issues of self-doubt stem from an emotionally abusive father, and the growth she exhibits throughout the book is very empowering. Noah’s support of Dani is the epitome of a romantic hero, especially when he confronts Carter for lying to Dani and leading her to believe they’d slept together. While the book is recapped at the end to bring closure and provide an explanation of where Dani was going with her future, a bit more of a romantic ending for Dani and Noah would have finished the book off perfectly. If you’re a fan of romantic suspense with a strong heroine, you’ll love this book.

N.E. Kelley