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Cowboy Six Pack
Kari Lynn Dell, Allison Merritt, Stephanie Berget,
Paty Jager, Melissa Keir, and D'Ann Lindun

WESTERN:  “Cowboy Six Pack” is just that — six standalone contemporary romances with one main theme — sexy cowboys.

Penny and her friends have to complete three tasks. If they succeed, her friend Morey will be allowed to marry his love, Taryn. While struggling through the trials, the characters also deal with deeper social issues that concern them and the people around them, such as political corruption and sexual orientation. 

Sublime Karma

In an effort to make a new start, Brie and her family move to a new town — but things do not turn out as planned. Brie is targeted by jealous girls at her new school, and the only seat on the school bus happens to be next to Jake who, although she has no idea why, finds her offensive and doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.

The Fix

Ezra Mackenzie hasn’t done much in his life to be proud of. He has a lot of work ahead if he wants to become the kind of man  to catch the interest of a woman like Juliana Almeida. Seemingly  against all odds, Juliana is interested in Ezra—perhaps even more than just interested.

Check Out
Debra Parmley,
Talece Brown

CONTEMPORARY:  Betsy is a fearful little thing; a church mouse with very limited life experience, working in a library.  That is, until Nash comes into her life.  With his eye patch, he doesn’t look like other men, and as a wounded veteran with PTSD, he certainly doesn’t act like them, either.