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Promised to a Dragon

Evangeline Meadows is incensed with her father, the Fey King. He has promised her hand in marriage to the son of the Dragon King. The Fey hate the dragons and have since Evangeline's early childhood, when they killed her mother. Her father’s hope is to form an allegiance with the dragons to prevent war between the two factions.

SCI-FI:  On future Earth, emotions are forbidden; expressing them results in reprogramming. The population is deliberately sterile, and the people are cloned. Sexual urges are satisfied in copulation clubs. It is unbearable to Clone Angelo Thirteen, who longs for love. He and his co-pilot, Chad Seven, are on their way to the planet Iridis where new lives await and emotions are allowed.

Marked Beauty

PARANORMAL:  Anastasia Tate has spent the past several years trying to suppress her unique ability.

PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  When she accepted a job at Harrison Hall Lorna Randolph had no idea of the adventure awaiting her the moment she stepped through the front door.

MEMOIR:  Saffi will do most anything for her family, so when her mother-in-law, Gummy, is diagnosed with dementia she is determined to help her in any way possible.  As she shares the experience of moving Gummy from her home and into an assisted living facility, Saffi weaves funny and heart-warming stories of both past and present.  “Nobody Told Me” is glimpse into the power of love and family