Reviews - Contemporary

Fortune Calling
Hunter S.

Dallas Fortune has reached a pivotal moment in her life.  An extremely talented mandolin player who tours with mega superstars but has musical roots in Nashville, Dallas has come home to nurse her wounds after taking a nasty tumble while onstage.  She feels as if she's at a low point in her life.

Adam Whitman enjoys his fast paced L.A.

“Falling Again” is a contemporary romance that is part of the Second Chance series.

Lucia Mpobo-Riddell works in the music industry as a talented musician, singer, dancer, and songwriter.  A satisfying one-night stand with a man named Marcus has her feeling on top of the world until she discovers he is Marcus Grant, a renowned songwriter, and he has been brought in to collaborate on her most recent pr

ROMANTIC COMEDY, CHICK-LIT:  Five years after her divorce, Dorsey Bing is still not on even ground.  Her only boyfriend since walked away months ago without a word. A night of tequila follows seeing him loving someone else.