Falling Again (Book 6 in the Second Chances series)


“Falling Again” is a contemporary romance that is part of the Second Chance series. It starts in the fast-paced political world of Washington, D.C.  Fiona is an investigative reporter who heads to the Capitol to track down a rumor when she bumps into her friend  Amanda’s little brother, Nick.  All grown up, Nick is as delicious as she remembered him from her friend’s wedding a few months earlier.  


Fiona tries to talk herself out of her attraction to the sexy photojournalist. Not only is he her friend’s kid brother, but he might be ten years her junior. Despite her misgivings, Nick is ready to start a fiery affair while they wade into political intrigue with danger lurking on the horizon.


“Falling Again” has nearly every element of a good romance! Fiona and Nick are both likable characters. There is also plenty of glamour, romance and great dialogue in this tale. Ms. Bird has a knack for making the scenes come alive with her descriptive turn of a phrase. The only flaw in the scintillating tale is some minor timeline issues. One example is a reference to Amanda, who just married, as having to stop in Ohio to show off her grandchild with no child being mentioned prior, or getting drunk on Irish coffees that the waiter hasn’t even delivered. Even taking these small glitches into consideration, however,  it is still a very fun, sexy read!


Morgan Stamm