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PARANORMAL:  Giselle is finally settling into her newly adopted family.

PARANORMAL:  Olive Kennedy is sent on a quest by her dragon stepfather:  retrieve a weapon before the elven queen can gather it herself. The elves are looking to restore seven arms to restore a dangerous deity and take over the world. Olive takes her Viking boyfriend Kull on her mission but they are caught by Silvestra, the silverwitch of Dragon Spine Mountain, who holds them captive.

INSPIRATIONAL:  Paul Fischer is a young Amish man who dreams of becoming a contractor. He is struggling to get his business started and at the same time fighting for his uncle's approval — and believes his company is the way to get it. When he lands a big contract with an Englischer, he is certain he is on his way.

Jamie Quinn is back in this cozy mystery set in Boca Raton, Florida. When Jamie goes to meet a new client at La Vida Boca, an assisted-living facility, when she gets there her client is dead. It doesn't look suspicious at first, but when members of the poker club start dying, events take a more sinister turn. Jamie, her friend Jessie and P.I.

Nova Hart is in back in the kingdom of Sterling with her father to rescue her recently orphaned cousin. Due to the strict rules of the kingdom, they are stuck there for longer than Nova is comfortable. What she doesn't know is that the Queen’s Guard is watching her, looking for a power she’s not even aware that she possesses. Princess Jade is not allowed out of the castle.