Reviews - Audiobooks

Codename Mermaid
Michael James Emberger
Narrator: Kristina Rothe

HISTORICAL SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Ben Blanchard is a former FBI Agent, who resigns after his wife, Emily, dies tragically while he is on assignment. He is called back into service for a vital role in early 1941, to work with a new partner--Victoria Sisley. He is told she is a German spy, but he must work with her anyway.

Hotel King: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (California Suits Book 1)
Claire Marti
Narrators: Tim Paige and Vanessa Edwin

CONTEMPORARY: Ryan Michaels is an entrepreneur creating a string of luxury boutique hotels in California with a team of military men/partners and his brother. Charlotte “Charlie” Ray is the new VP of Sales and Marketing. She is excellent at her job, which is good because this has turned out to be her dream job.

PARANORMAL: This audiobook uses the premise that vampires are an accepted part of normal life and that there are courtesans who are willing to supply blood and other services as needed to vampires for a fee. Lyric Rivers is a vampire, who happens to be a rock star, and he can definitely afford the fee.

50 States
Richard R. Becker
Narrator: Brian Callanan

A man has lost his son in a farming accident and must find a way to move on from the trauma. Two runaways are hot to leave home, but with only one ticket between them they must fight for the chance. Two high school alumni reconnect over Facebook, sort of, as each looks at the other’s profile and wonders just how much of the digital persona is real and how much of it is fake.

Xen'tarza (Book Three of the Twelve Dimensions)
Paul L. Centeno
Narrator: Courtney Holly

Shirakaya and her crew of Shadow Mercs continue their adventure through the galaxy! Stars are disappearing across the universe, and with them the livelihoods of solar systems, and the possibilities those stars once held.