Xen'tarza (Book Three of the Twelve Dimensions)

Paul L. Centeno
Narrator: Courtney Holly

Shirakaya and her crew of Shadow Mercs continue their adventure through the galaxy! Stars are disappearing across the universe, and with them the livelihoods of solar systems, and the possibilities those stars once held. Shirakaya can’t say for certain, but she is confident this calamity is being caused by her nemesis Ashkaratoth.  In order to stop more worlds from being destroyed, she must regain her abilities as a sorceress. If only it were a simple task. The closer she gets, the more the universe is determined to throw in her way!

“Xen’tarza” is a fast paced, science fiction, adventure that takes off and flies from beginning to end! There are a lot of characters to keep up with in his book, and there are a lot of events that have led up to this third installment of the series. Mr. Centeno gives readers a quick rehash of all this information before plowing forward with the story. Because of this, readers will benefit from reading the other installments first, but it doesn’t take long to fall into the world without doing so. Overall, the characters are well developed and continue to grow deeper as the book progresses. There is a lot of action and a number of emotionally powerful scenes that will keep readers hooked!

Ms. Holly gives an incredible performance with a large and diverse arrangement of characters! Each has their own distinct voice and personality that has been masterfully crafted. There are a few times where it almost sounds like multiple actors are working on the production, but they are all Ms. Holly! In addition to her voice work, there are a few additional sound effects that help the ambiance of the story. The voice effects are helpful and fun, while some of the music and background sounds shift from being beneficial to distracting depending on the moment. Overall, this is an exciting listen!

This is a great book for lovers of science fiction and adventure!

Chelsea Andersen