Recent Interviews

As most would agree, trying to find - let alone  pin down- anyone in power at Amazon these days sometimes feels like asking the waters to part.  That is why running into Amazon Publishing Vice President, Larry Kirshbaum at an industry get-together was not only a huge stroke of luck, it was one NOT to be squandered!

 I have to admit, Julie Garwood has long been a dream interview for me.  Her books introduced me to historical romance and rekindled my love of reading.  She now stands on my list as the only prolific author with whom I  have read and remember every single one of her books!  So, understandably I felt like a giddy, nervous, fan-girl trying (unsuccessfully) to look professional upon our meeting. 

A Living Dream!

Imagine yourself as a young mother, sitting down one Thanksgiving weekend to write a story,  just for fun because you love to write.  Now imagine yourself six months later sitting on the NY Times bestsellers list with that little story.   Unbelievable? Absolutely!  Scary?

What is Cynthia Eden REALLY like?  Well, she is the perfect example of one of those friends who is beautiful, bubbly, fun to be around, a hoot to chat with, and.....

Trying to sum up CJ Lyons in a sentence or two is virtually impossible!  She has accomplished so much and her experiences are so varied that it honestly boggles the mind!  Still, upon visiting with her, one finds a very down to earth, unassuming and completely enjoyable person to chat with.  She is highly intelligent without being pompous, knowledgeable without being over-bearing and above all,