The Incomparable Julie Garwood!

 I have to admit, Julie Garwood has long been a dream interview for me.  Her books introduced me to historical romance and rekindled my love of reading.  She now stands on my list as the only prolific author with whom I  have read and remember every single one of her books!  So, understandably I felt like a giddy, nervous, fan-girl trying (unsuccessfully) to look professional upon our meeting.   Almost immediately those nerves were lost, as Julie’s warmth and friendliness wrapped me up and put me at ease.  
I learned much from the time I spent with her, first that she is quite a trooper!  She was recovering from pneumonia that day we met and, along with a lifetime fight with asthma, was struggling carry out her responsibilities.  She did so with such grace and good-humor, I was amazed!  
I discovered she is also one of the most genuinely funny people I have ever met!  Her quick wit and sense of humor literally had me in tears repeatedly as she told stories and joked throughout our conversations.   
I think the most important thing learned, however, was that sometimes even the most famous of authors are really the nicest of people!

IND:  I was told you didn’t learn to read until you were eleven years old!
Yeah, almost eleven!  I had my tonsils out when I was in first grade and that’s when kids are learning to read.  (chuckles) Back then they had bird groups - like a blue jay, a redbird, etc. I hemorrhaged when they were doing the surgery and had to stay home for a looong time recovering (I was a tiny little thing anyway.)  When I got back to school they were all reading and I wasn’t.
IND:  And nobody picked up on it at the time?
No, and that’s remarkable, considering my mother always had a book around, as did my sisters and my brother and I went to private school.  I guess I was pretty good!  But they finally figured it out.  Actually my mother did.  I used to carry a Nancy Drew book around, although I didn’t know what it even was.

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