Rebecca Zanetti: Award Winning Romance & Suspense in Multiple Genres!

Do you like your suspense edge-of-your-seat with a large helping of scrumptious romance?Then chances are you are already a huge fan of Rebecca! And, the most amazing thing is it doesn’t matter what genre you prefer, because she knocks them out of the ballpark in multiples!! Whether you like thrilling contemporary, heart-stopping paranormal or nail-biting dystopian, she is the world’s go-to favorite. And yet, in person, she is surprisingly down-to-earth when it comes to chatting with her. She is the best friend who’ll hide in your closet with you, gushing over the best character ever, and the favorite girlfriend back-up for wild and crazy fun. Addicting stories and a fabulous woman? Absolutely!

InD: Tell us about yourself. You grew up in the Northwest...
Yep, mountains and lakes and rivers and golf courses.
InD: What was your childhood like?
It was wonderful. I have two sisters and we are all very stereotypical, very boring. I am the oldest, Type A, the middle sister is the peacemaker, and my youngest sister is the wild child.
InD: You are the responsible one.
Yeah, so it was kind of surprising when I went from being a lawyer to writing about vampires and such!
InD: You’ve mentioned you wrote your first story at the age of six. Did you read young?
I did. I read really young. It is interesting because I developed a vocabulary from reading books before I heard words, so I still mispronounce words sometimes.
InD: Do you still have that story you wrote at six years old?
I still have it! I think it was kindergarten or the first grade. We had to write a story, so I wrote a story and, of course, it had a Princess, a Prince and a bad guy. It was very stereotypical six-year-old. But the Princess saved herself, for the record. [both laughing]
InD: That speaks a lot about you as a person. Did you always love to read?
I was a huge reader. I read all of the Nancy Drew in the second grade. I was very introverted as a kid, but my parents knew that to succeed in the world you had to get out there, so we would make bargains. I would play softball and join a team if they let me read in my closet for a whole weekend.
I still remember being in the closet. It was an old closet with doors that were hard to open. I remember my mom reaching in with macaroni and cheese for lunch because I got to sit in there all day reading Trixie Belden or Nancy Drew without my sisters around. It was a great closet! It was made of old cedar and it smelled terrific. It had a light and was comfortable.
InD: Why did you have to hide in your closet to read?
  It was away from my sisters! They left me alone if I was in the closet.
InD: That is so sweet of your mom to bring you mac & cheese.
Yep, it was awesome because it was the good mac & cheese, not just any mac & cheese came into that closet. [laughing] It was my happy place.
InD: What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was really young, I wanted to be an astronaut, then I discovered I really didn't like to fly so I thought about being the President for a while, until I realized I didn't like politics. My dad was a lawyer, but I didn't decide to become a lawyer until I served on a jury when I was around nineteen.
InD: Did you continue reading through your high school years?
Oh yeah. Reading has always been my go-to. I remember when I snuck into my mom's bag of books, you know the ones from the grocery store, that’s when I discovered romance. I had no idea there was kissing in books! I was gone from that point on. I was like, this is for me, I don't know where those cowboys are, but I am going to find them!
InD: How old were you then?
Around 11? I was too young to be reading those books. But I didn't care.
InD: Did your mom know you were sneaking into her bag of books?
No, she had no idea.
InD: Do you remember what authors or stories they were?
I remember Nora Roberts’ “Montgomery” series and I was like, “I found my home!” I still liked sci-fi and fantasy and genres like that, but I liked the kissing. I really got into Dean Koontz for a while, but it was the romance in his books I loved. People don't think of him as a romance author, but he has great romances.

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