Melinda Leigh: Her Thrilling Worlds of Murder $ Justice

What does a self-proclaimed nerdy banker have in common with an international best-selling suspense/thriller author?  Well, more than you would ever imagine!  I have been  casual acquaintances with Melinda for years but never actually had the chance to sit down and visit with her one-on-one until now.  And, I can whole-heartedly say I am so excited I did! I’ve always found her to be a very kind and friendly person but digging a little deeper I discovered an incredibly intelligent, quick and sometimes deep thinker that kept me on my toes throughout our visit.  Add that to a fun side that loves Disneyworld, beaches and hanging with friends and family and you’ll agree - Melinda Leigh is truly an author you will want to get to know and read!

InD: There is so little online that allows us to get to know you, we really need to talk! Let’s start with where were you born and raised.
I’m from New Jersey.
InD: Were you born there?
I was born right outside of Philadelphia, on the New Jersey side of the river.
InD: How was that growing up?
If there is one thing I miss, by now living in Florida, is the access to Broadway. Growing up, I could hop on a train anytime and go to NYC.
InD: Do you spend a lot of time in New Jersey? Is it a vacation home?
Kind of. My youngest son is just graduating college, so he still lives in that house.
InD: At what point did you decide to move to Florida?
About two years ago.
InD: Is that so you could retire, go where it is warm?
: We originally bought our house down here as a vacation house near the beach for the whole family. When the extended family is together, there are around twelve of us. We usually vacation and spend holidays together.
The first year after we bought the home, we all came down for Christmas. Afterward, my husband and I were putting Christmas stuff away and getting the house cleaned up. It was January, 70 degrees and sunny. New Jersey was about 12 degrees that day—rainy, sleeting and snowing. We just looked at each other and were like, “Let’s call the kids and tell them we’re not coming back.” The kids were away at school anyway.
InD: I would imagine they totally understood. How many kids do you have?
Two. They love the house here. They can come down for long weekends and soak up all the sunshine.
InD: You must get a lot of company.
Yes, a lot of the houses here are designed for that, though, so it works really well.
InD: Were you a big reader as a young girl?
I was a nerdy child. I always had my nose in a book.
InD: Did you have favorites as a child or did you just read everything?
Let's see, we are going back quite a few years...I read the “Black Stallion” series and any kind of horse books.
InD: Did that love of reading carry through to your high school years?
InD: What was high school like for you?
I didn't really like high school. I was a really good student, but I really was that nerdy kid. I was happy to be done with it.
InD: Did you have close friends?
: I had friends, but I became much more comfortable with people as an adult than as a child. Believe it or not, I was a very shy child. Clearly, I got over that!
InD: Honestly, I can see that, though, because you are very friendly and kind when I have been with you, but in a quieter way. Do you still see yourself as a nerd?
Oh, I am still a nerd. I always liked learning even before it was cool. My grandfather visited recently, and we spent the entire day at the Kennedy Space Center. We had the best time. My kids were like, “Really? All day mom?”

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