Lucy Score: Writing Snarky, Sumptuous, Sigh-Worthy Escapes!

Isn’t it wonderful when great first impressions turn out to be true? Lucy Score is one of those people who seems to be such a bright, sunny, fun person, and when you actually meet her, she is! Only even better!  She is also quick, intelligent, humorous and just plain enjoyable to spend time with. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, yet is very serious about creating and gifting the very best of herself in every book she writes.  So, if reading light, funny stories that also have a surprising amount of depth and emotion in them, Lucy is your gal!

InD: Where did you grow up?
LS: I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and I still live here.
InD: Have you ever moved anywhere, at all?
LS: No, I have never moved out of state. I even went to college in Pennsylvania. I love living here. We get all four seasons with snow in the winter and summers hot enough to spend in the pool. We’re on almost nine acres on the outskirts of town and only twenty minutes from the state capital. So I get to enjoy a lot of the amenities of a more urban location, unlike the tiny town I grew up in!           
InD: How was it growing up in that type of environment?
LS: I had a great childhood. I was born into a family of readers, so I spent a lot of time in libraries, and in my room, reading. And because we lived out in the country in the 80s, my brother and I grew up playing outside. We didn’t have social media or smart phones around. It was such a different experience from what kids today deal with.
I didn't love school. When I was younger, I was painfully shy. Then I really struggled with math and being told what to do all the time! I just wanted to be in charge of my own time and my decisions, so I got detention pretty often in high school for skipping classes.
InD: So you started reading really young?
LS: I did! My parents read everything, so we had a great introduction into all kinds of books. My mom was a huge Romance reader, but we read The Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander as a family. It’s like "Lord of the Rings", with magic and all that kind of stuff. My dad and I read a lot of Clive Cussler. As a kid, I would read Sweet Valley Twins one day, and John Grisham the next. I read my first Romance novel at 13, off of my mom's shelf.
InD: What a rich experience! Even coming from a very small town, you were able to read such a wide variety of books.
LS: My mom was a librarian and she was never one to say no. She was very flexible with what she would let us read. To this day, her book recommendations are awesome. For instance, she’ll recommend books that are middle school age, which I may be hesitant to pick up, but once I do, I’m like, “Why did I wait so long? This is amazing!”
InD: Did you like to write in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade?
LS: I did. I remember one of those formative, but also emotionally scarring moments. It was in the 2nd grade. We had to write a paragraph pretending we were kids on the Mayflower. I wrote mine and the teacher made me read it out loud to the class because she thought it was so good. But for me, public speaking, especially at that age, was a nightmare. I thought I was having a heart attack. But, that was also the first time someone thought I might have talent.
InD: As you sat down, were you happy and proud of yourself? Or were you just scarred for life?
LS: Definitely scarred for life. I was just relieved it was over. It didn't occur to me until later that it wasn’t a punishment; it was because the teacher thought it was good. It took me a while to get to that point. I knew I enjoyed writing assignments, but it was the first time that I realized I might be good at it.
InD: When did you start to write your own short stories?
LS: Probably elementary school, and it continued into high school. I would write these dramatic teenage scenes as they popped into my head. I took all of the English and writing classes I could, because those were the ones I didn't hate.
In college, when I didn't have much time to read for fun, I would jot down scenes of dialogue as a hobby. It was just a break from writing papers and articles. I majored in Journalism, so my classes were focused on the short, factual Non-Fiction pieces. I didn’t actually consider writing books until I was out of college.
InD: When you picked up your first Romance book at 13, did you think it was a book just like any other? Or did you decide that was what you really liked?
LS: I fell in love with Romance at that moment. It was a story about people falling in love and being happy. What other genre prioritizes living happily ever after? From that point on, Romance was my number one favorite genre to read. That has never wavered, and I have never considered writing anything other than Romance because I love it so much.
One of the things I love most about the genre is the character development. It is so important in a Romance novel. When I am reading a long action series about a private investigator or a military hero, it’s more difficult to have these intense arcs where the main character learns and grows and changes. The formula is, this is who this person is and this is what happens to him or her, which is entertaining in its own way.
But, in Romance, it’s more about people who become their best selves and how they find happiness. It’s such an uplifting, awesome message. I’ve always been interested in things like growth and personal development, so I think that genre theme resonated deeply with me.
InD: When you were in high school, did you know what you wanted for a career?
LS: I wanted to be Lois Lane. I was heavily influenced by the adventures of Lois and Clark on TV. I thought Dean Cain was cute [both laughing]. I thought the idea of journalism was very exciting. I could go to different places, meet different people, and experience their different stories. It was a much idealized version of journalism that I had my head, and by the time I actually experienced it in an internship, I started to think I’d made a mistake.

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