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On bitter winter nights as a child in Minnesota, I do not recall feeling cold, though there was a quarter-inch of ice on the inside of the windows. I was in love.

Shades of Pink
Breast Cancer Awareness;

Every year in October - my birth month - I try to have a special event. I have received tremendous support in my writing in the past years, and this is my small way to give back.

Sometimes an author is simply not in a financial place to hire a cover artist, and sometimes you just want to play. Below, you’ll find a few suggestions, a few tricks of the trade, and a few common mistakes that will help you in your journey to a Do It Yourself book cover.

You’ve finished reading one book and now it’s time to go on the hunt for the next. The author you just finished was great but it was the fifth contemporary romance in a row you’ve read so you decide to try, oh say, regency.

Many readers ask the question: Why would you forsake all else to write Regency romances? The reason: Because we love them!  Because they make us happy. Because they are our “go-to” reading when we want to relax and escape. And because readers love them.
Why “Regency?”