A Novel Idea


The greatest thing about writing is there are no real rules. Yes, you have to follow grammar and spelling, but when it comes to the actual word choice…
Over the next few months, we’re going to look at the creation of a novel. A simple idea to the finished product. How to complete everything from A to Z. You can apply this to large tombs (see “A Written View - Size Matters” June 2019) or atom bombs. It’s up to you. So first off we’re going to dive into ideas and find you a place to make your imagination fly!
What’s in an Idea?
This is the fuel to start your work. The basis of the writing. What you want to get across. It’s the Idea.
Some have no issues coming up with ideas, while others struggle beyond belief. I remember talking to a friend years ago about the thought behind one of my upcoming novels (like I need more on my plate). He stared at me in wonderment as I rolled the idea out to him. At the end, he asked where I came up with my wonderful ideas.
“They just come to me,” is all I could respond with.
From that moment on, he asked me every time we met what my next big idea was going to be. I do miss our talks, for he moved away and we lost touch, but to this day I still write down ideas that come to me.

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