A Light-hearted Look at Anniversaries!


InD’tale is celebrating its anniversary—it’s 10 years old.
Yay! Hope there are many more.
While I was thinking about this magazine's anniversary, I got to musing about yearly celebrations.

I recalled how wedding anniversaries have certain gift themes, based on the number of years the couple has been married. I went ahead and checked these, and was kind of amused.
First off, the one year gift is paper. Not surprisingly, they get nicer and more expensive with advancing years: three is leather, eight is bronze, 15 is crystal, 25 is silver, 50 is gold, and 60 and 75 are diamonds. (If you’re curious, most sources list a theme gift for years 1-15, and every five years thereafter.)
I was struck by the datedness (and non-PCness) of 14, though—it’s ivory. So if you’re a stickler for tradition and want to buy your friends something new, you might have to break international laws. Also, once past 75, the list reverses course and gets cheaper again, 80 is oak (!), and 85 is wine. I realize that some wines are expensive, but still, probably cheaper than gold, platinum, and diamonds, right?
But, I guess that’s okay, as according to my research, only eight couples have been confirmed as reaching 85 years together or more. More to the point, does anyone, aside from Emily Post’s family, actually follow these? In case you were wondering, the record for the longest marriage was 90 years for Karam and Kartari Chand of Bradford, England.
K. Phillipose Thomas and his wife Susanna of India were a close second, at 88 years. Some dispute these, and credit Herbert Fisher and his wife Zelmyra as being the oldest, at 86 years of matrimony.
One final anecdote—a friend of mine celebrated his 2nd anniversary by giving his wife a .45 Magnum, which she loved. We teased them by saying that the appropriate 2nd anniversary gift is a crossbow, not a firearm.
** We were kidding, it’s actually cotton, but that’s not as funny, or dangerous. **

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