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Burkey and

With all the mechanics and formulas needed to write something meaningful and relevant, writers have a deep-seated terror, ultimately faced at the worst possible time, of version control and hacked laptops. We want to share some insights achieved over our years of writing techno-thrillers as a team. You might find it helpful to apply some digital inroads, security, and technology safeguards as you create your masterpiece.
Modern Manuscript Creation
Rarely are current manuscripts entirely handwritten. It goes without saying, writing any book is rarely a start to finish, then ready for an editing process. Thus, drafts and versions will come in a variety of digital forms, sometimes off multiple devices. Regardless of the software program used, you must be mindful of version control, knowing which is the most recent file you have been working on.
To be honest, you are busy and likely juggling multiple items. If you are like many authors we know, professional jobs outside of writing mean you have different laptops, along with 8-to-5 commitments. Plus, a day job sometimes derails your writing cadence. Distractions are not uncommon, opening up the chance for different versions passing in the digital corridors. Voilà, instant chaos! When you have multiple skilled writers in the mix, each will believe that the other is insane when the files get confused.
We hear you thinking, "Ha, what a couple of noodles this pair of writers are! I'm the only one touching my manuscript and outline, so this doesn't apply to me."
No author writes in a vacuum. There are beta readers, editors, and so forth that add to version control dilemmas. You may write upwards of 20 chapters before sending it to an editor for initial review or overall comments. Guess what that creates? You got it, another version that is now in parallel to the primary manuscript. Sentence syntax, word choice, or background story direction are all targets for change.

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