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Mom? Mom?! MOOOOOOM!!!

If you have a chance to get to know me, you probably won’t think I’m much of a rule-breaker, especially in publishing. But the beauty of Indie is that you can break rules, and you can be very successful doing so. But it’s important to know when and why it makes sense to break rules.

You Might Just Find A New Passion or Enough Family Secrets to Write a Book!

 Books have always been a part of my life, even while growing up in an of an old farmhouse, moved there by oxen in 1903. I felt like Laura Ingalls. It truly was "Little House on the Prairie" living, without the prairie. Or the little house.

You Hav EIGHT Seconds!
Breakfield and

You cannot judge a book by the cover, it is the content that matters. A true statement, but if the initial glance misses the mark, no one looks inside. For an author, this is a harsh lesson. Today, you have less than eight seconds to grab a potential reader with the cover. A confession here for some transparency, we are all guilty of picking up a book because the imagery struck a chord.