A Dive Into YOUR History!


You Might Just Find A New Passion or Enough Family Secrets to Write a Book!

I love history! So it was no surprise that when someone mentioned finding an 1891 census of England on a genealogy website, I wondered if my grandparents might be included in the official document. Little did I know that the moment I signed on to Ancestry.com, it would signify the end of every minute of my free time. I immediately ended up with a permanent membership, and became deeply addicted to delving into my family’s distant past.
Now, years later, I’m inspired by historical research to create intricate plot-lines for my bestselling books. However, aside from professional writing, I now have a passion for genealogy that readers and writers might want to try for themselves. By diving into genealogy, one can unlock secrets about their ancestors that other relatives may have never known. We can understand the rationale for many previously puzzling events in our family histories.
My mother always wondered why her father was so determined to take his wife and six children to America. My mom didn’t know the reasoning behind the difficult decision because no one talked about that. With a little detective work, I found the answers that had been left unspoken.
My grandfather’s parents tragically died when he was a boy. He was raised by his grandparents. Several years later, his grandfather took his own life and his grandmother emigrated to Massachusetts to be with her adult children—that decision led to the rest of the family following her. My mother was only seven-years-old at the time and the story was never shared with her because she was a child, or maybe they assumed she'd remember why because they all did.
Digging into the past is more than figuring out your family’s mysteries, it’s also looking deeper at the time in history that your family traveled through. But what if you don’t like history?

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