Baby Steps To Self Editing

Julie L.

Editing is one of the largest concerns of nearly every author - whether big or small, and some of the largest names have written down their own “How-To’s” on how to do it yourself. Which is fine...if you’re them.
The thing is, most people don’t adhere to any kind of One Size Fits All for diets, medications, or exercise routines, so someone else’s “How-To” with regards to self-editing may not work. Everyone’s bodies and minds are different, so it’s hard to shove one person’s writing and editing into someone else’s box.
I’ve collected a ginormous amount of information about editing—specifically self-editing. Between being the “red pen” since high school, an author myself, an editor and book reviewer for InD’tale magazine and an editor for various authors in the past, as well as, being an English teacher for adults and high school kids who can barely write a coherent paragraph (or sentence), I’ve done a lot with writing and editing.
I am a HUGE fan of “Learn What You Need, Throw Out The Rest” (Can you tell I frustrated the snot out of my college professors?) Not everything will work for everyone, but every something will work for someone.
Learning to be a better writer is not a Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am process. It takes time, and is a journey. You didn’t know how to drive the instant you sat behind the wheel for the first time, did you? And learning to speak properly? That took several years...

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