3 Easy Secrets to Selling Your Book


 The question of the ages for authors is what exactly sells a book? There are a multitude of answers, and all (or maybe none) of them are correct. I think there are actually two critical questions that must be asked in order to give an accurate analysis.

1: Is the potential buyer familiar with any of the author’s previous books?
2: Is this a new author to the reader?
The answer to these two simple questions makes a world of difference. What sells a book in the first instance can encompass an entire volume!
The answers to the second are quite simple; the cover, the title, and the synopsis! That’s it.
If a reader has never heard of an author, the only thing they have to go by is a great cover that draws them in, and then an equally interesting title and synopsis. Those three things are the sum-total that will either make a reader click to investigate the newbie and purchase – or pass.
Think about it. As you’re scrolling through the myriad of options for books to read, what makes you stop? The Cover! Next, you read the title and the synopsis (blurb). If those things capture your attention, the author has you. If any one of those are off-putting, the author has lost a sale. That’s just how critically important getting that cover, title, and blurb right are to an author’s initial success.
So let’s help you make each of those three amazing!

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