Vespers: A Never Prayer Story, Episode 8

Aaron Michael

I enter Fiona’s apartment. The very worst has happened, and I must figure out some way to help Eladio. I still have six minutes, and there is the demon’s plan to consider. However, I can’t trust that entity. It let Mrs. Romero die.
The apartment is filled with things both Fiona and her mother love. Velvet paintings decorate the walls, a couch lies covered in leopard skin. Bangles, necklaces, and false gold chains hang from lamps, from door handles, from the curtain rods. Blood-red curtains block out the gray day.
Some of the bangles are echoes of Starcat’s bracelets, and once again, I see the connections. Can humans see them? Or can only spirits truly understand their web of lives?
A vision of the future hits me. Up in the mountains, Magdalena Marquez will have a red purse. People call her Lena, Jozey’s older sister, up in the mountains, in their car with their parents, listening to The Sympathies, a happy family. But not for long.
First Eladio. Then Jozey. Then Starcat and Logan. I promised.
I’m trying to sort through all the images, trying to come up with a plan to get Eladio out of the apartment and to the airport. Then I see the door. It’s unlocked. Kendrick will be able to get in without a problem.
Eladio holds Fiona close, whispering into her ear, kissing an ink rose on her neck. “I have to go. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like something is pushing me to get to the airport. And Mrs. Romero, she felt it too, before…”
Fiona lifts her face up to him. I see how full her lips are, how much love is in her eyes, bright green, peeking through the curtain of her hair, dyed with highlights, like Starcat, like Lena Marquez. Echoes. Connections.
The love that Eladio and Fiona share is unmistakable. Such energy there. Such power.
I remember how much I’ve scoffed at romantic love, the lust that drives people to do such reckless things. Or that’s what I thought. I can feel my mistake.
More than that, I can feel the seconds ticking away.

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