Wishing You Were Here – Soul Mates Book 1

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Young Adult

Callie’s life is on track.  Going to college, pursuing her music passion, it’s all coming together.  Her special interest is 50’s music.  When she helps her grandmother go through mementos in the attic, she discovers a forgotten 50’s heartthrob named Joey Tempo.  Who is he?  Her grandmother has an LP and a magazine article about him.  Callie finds out that his promising career was cut short due to a tragic plane crash...he never got to have his chance at fame.  As she listens to him sing, he becomes so real to her, and her emotions become so strong they overwhelm her and she passes out.  When she wakes up, she’s in London in the 1950’s, at the airport, and  there’s Joey Tempo getting on the plane that’s going to crash!  Does Callie speak up and save him? Does she get involved, even though she’s not from this time?  

Catherine Chant spins a great story about a young girl who travels through time to help a singer achieve his dreams.  The time travel concept isn’t too believable, drawing in psychic who explains to Callie what has happened, does make it seem plausible.  Callie’s relationship with Joey grows, and a surprise twist at the end reveals that Joey is not all he seems to be, and time travel has affected him too.  

Victoria Z. Burg