Winter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel: Book 4 (Grazi Kelly Novel Series)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Grazi is caught between two worlds and doesn’t know where her allegiance lies.  Her heart however, knows with whom she belongs.  Desperate to reunite with her true love, Ronan, she must battle an army of witches and vampires, and a hypnotic demon named Ash.


Ms. Gorri creates an interesting world populated by magical creatures that are both good and evil.  Her attention to detail is great and her vision of the paranormal is original and interesting. Unfortunately, too much of the reader’s energy is focused on trying to figure out what is happening as the bulk of the story takes place in the previous books of the series.  The author fails to give the reader much needed background material for the story to anchor the reader into the present.  “Winter Moon” would have been much better if it were a longer story instead of being broken up into several books. It also could have used another round of editing.  The grammatical mistakes and continuity errors are distracting and have the unfortunate effect of propelling the reader out of the story.


The conclusion?  “Winter Moon” is a great starting place and Ms. Gorri’s imagination is first-rate.  One hopes that she will take the time to fully develop this story and its characters, and give the reader a more complete look into the world she has created.


Gwenellen Tarbet